Because reminders are always welcome.



Because reminders are always welcome.

Sun Sky

Not so long ago, I witnessed the colours of a sun Against a canvas of placid blue. Let me be that willing sky, You can be my sun. Castyour light and watch me glow, Watch me come to life.

Life Lessons

And so it has begun, The cycle of breaking and pulling back together. Fuuny how long it has taken for this to happen, Some let it happen sooner than later. But in the end, all join in, To partake in the bittersweet realisation That we can never truly be good. One night, amidst hazy swirls... Continue Reading →


“I’m not sure. But there’s something about the darkness, the stillness of this hour, I think, that creates a language of its own. There’s a strange kind of freedom in the dark; a terrifying vulnerability we allow ourselves at exactly the wrong moment, tricked by the darkness into thinking it will keep our secrets. We... Continue Reading →

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cara stories

"I’m not going to pretend that I’m writing on behalf of humanity because honestly, I write for my selfish needs."

Little Fears

Tales of humour, whimsy and courgettes


I hate Once upon a time tales, And I don't go beyond the first phrase, Those stories boast of joy often, Which I used to have, Once upon a time.


mute visual mind, a head full of thoughts, struggling, to find the right words.


Stories, poems, ramblings and daily writing prompts. Previously 'purpldragon'.

Singsit Jonathan

For the love of writing

Poems From The Middle Country

Writing in the vastness of China, about vast topics

Vonj Productions

Bringing you love through spirit!

I Feel Shadows

Everything and everyone leaves a shadow, including the invisible. I am obsessed with these shadows. When I catch them, we sit and have dinner. -Christopher Osunbote

I Speak.

Words are never enough, but I make do.


Essays on nature, culture, self

The Daily Post

The Art and Craft of Blogging